Frequently Asked Questions
The Questions below are some the most common questions asked at the Predators. If there is a question you have in mind that we can’t answer for you in our FAQ section. By all means please ask your child’s coach or a board member because all questions are important to the Predators and have an answer.?

My child’s football season will not end until after practices start, is that a problem?
No, every year we have several kids that miss the first week or two of practices due to football.

Are there age restrictions?
IKWF: There is no minimum age but generally kids start in Kindergarten… We have had kids wrestle as young as 4. 15 year old 8th graders can wrestle in the IKWF if their birthday is after Sept 1 of the current year. High school wrestlers are not allowed to participate in IKWF events.
USAW Freestyle/Greco/off season folkstyle: Ages through High School are eligible to compete.

My child’s birthday is during the season, what division will they wrestle in?
The cutoff date is Dec 30. If a child turns 11 on Dec 29th, he/she will be considered a Novice for the entire season.

This is our first year, is my child ready for tournaments?
We strongly suggest going to as many tournaments as possible – especially early in the season. Most tournaments we go to will bracket the inexperienced kids together, but its best to get the most matches you can early in the season while the other kids are also still learning the basics.

Will my child be required to cut weight?
NO! We’ve seen kids from other clubs cut weight all season – losing 10% or more body weight. Although it is common for wrestlers to lose body fat over the course of the season with proper nutrition, we do not condone abnormal weight loss.

How can I keep my child from getting ringworm/other skin conditions?
Eventually every wrestler is exposed to such conditions. Showering with anti-bacterial soap ASAP after every practice and tournament is the best way to avoid problems. Using barrier foam such as Skin Armor provides additional protection. We also disinfect the mats prior to each workout.

What happens if my child gets ringworm??
Treatment with a prescribed antibiotic usually clears the condition within a week and he/she is OK to wrestle after 24-48 hours of treatment. If the condition is still visible at a tournament an IHSA Skin Condition form signed by a physician is required to pass a skin check.

Will there be any fundraisers?
Yes, but they will be painless! We try to keep fees as low as possible due to funds from running our own tournaments. We do require as many volunteers as possible to help them run smooth and finish on time.

Is my child allowed to wrestle up into older divisions?
A child can move up one year – ex: an 11 year old must wrestle in the Novice division but a 12 year old can wrestle Novice or Senior – This includes the state tournaments.

Can my child that is a member of the IESA (Junior High) wrestle in the IKWF also?
The answer is YES!!!