Antioch Predators Hall of Fame

The Antioch Predators Wrestling Club (Formerly Lakeland Predators) was founded in 1978 and have a long and storied history of producing some of the top wrestlers on the state, national, collegiate, and world stage. Notable Predator alumni include 2016 Olympian and 2 time All-American at the University of Iowa Daniel Dennis and former Illinois State Champion and Division I wrestler at University of Northern Iowa Pat Shoenfelder.

That tradition continues today as our current Predators are some of the best wrestlers in the state with 2 State Champions and 5 others earning All-State honors during the 2023/24 season! Congratulations to this year’s state place winners:


  • Grady Glowacki – State Champion – IKWF State ChampionshipsNovice 69
  • Lila Carson – State Champion – IKWF State Championships – Girls Intermediate 67
  • Jaxon Sullivan – 5th – IKWF State Championships – Intermediate 74
  • Molly Glowacki – 7th – IKWF State Championships – Girls Novice 75
  • Olivia Hruska – 7th – IKWF State Championships – Girls Intermediate 80
  • Vincent Zalapi – 7th – IKWF State Championships – Intermediate 55
  • Jake Jerik – 8th – IKWF State Championships – Bantam 84

Below are all the State Champions and State Placers from 2007 through 2024.

IKWF State Championships

2024Grady GlowackiNovice 691st
2024Lila CarsonGirls Intermediate 671st
2024Jaxon SullivanIntermediate 745th
2024Molly GlowackiGirls Novice 757th
2024Olivia HruskaGirls Intermediate 807th
2024Vicent ZalapiIntermediate 557th
2024Jake JerikBantam 848th
2023Grady GlowackiNovice 643rd
2022Grady GlowackiNovice 601st
2018Caleb NobilingNovice 848th
2015Deon LopezNovice 957th
2014Lucas SchevikhovenSenior 795th
2013George BessetteSenior 1891st
2012Lucas SchevikhovenNovice 628th
2012Bobby PryhockiNovice 1016th
2012Jared SmithSenior 1663rd
2012George BessetteSenior 1772nd
2011George BessetteNovice 1301st
2011Jacob GrossNovice 667th
2011Maximillian HillNovice 1085th
2011Jared SmithNovice 1221st
2011Noah DrabekSenior 1084th
2010Noah DrabekNovice 956th
2010Nicholas KochSenior 747th
2010Zac KellerSenior 1384th
2009Zac KellerNovice 1227th
2009Tony CashmoreSenior 1477th
2008Teddy MontemayorSenior 1565th
2008Jimmy PrinceSenior 1668th
2007Jimmy PrinceNovice 1477th
2007Jake CochraneNovice 2152nd

IESA State Championships (Since 2022)

2023Jacob Smith95 AA1st
2023Cole Sanfilippo85 AA6th
2022Brady Myatt65 A1st

WWF State Championships

2023Owen Covey2010-2011 676th
2022Logan Cherry2009-2010 645th
2022Owen Covey2011-2012 666th
2012Joey Graham1999-2000 675th
2011Colton Soto2002-2003 805th

Illinois Girls Folkstyle State Championships

2023Lila CarsonElementary 61st
2023Sofia HinojosaElementary 313rd
2023Lucy CarsonElementary 34th
2023Molly GlowackiElementary 244th
2023Taylyn CacesElementary 55th
2023Alese NavarreteElementary 46th
2023Olivia HruskaElemenary 206th
2022Lila CarsonElementary 71st
2022Abby GlowackiElementary 181st
2022Lucy CarsonElementary 12nd
2022Sofia HinojosaElementary 175th
2022Olivia HruskaElementary 95th
2022Ariel HinojosaElementary 66th
2019Lila CarsonElementary 21st
2019Abby GlowackiElementary 94th
2019Sofia HinojosaElementary 44th
2019Tenli MadrilesElementary 35th
2019Annebelle DullerElementary 56th

Illinois Midget State Championships

2022Lila CarsonMidget 546th
2019Hampton KingsfordMidget 1153rd
2019Grayson LennonMidget 1154th
2019Jacob SmithMidget 608th
2018Martin CohenMidget 894th
2016Anthony StreibMidget 684th
2016Caleb NobilingMidget 743rd
2016Cameron LattimoreMidget 1224th
2015Anthony StreibMidget 626th
2015Caleb NobilingMidget 704th
2013Kurtis SmithMidget 792nd
2013Devin NobilingMidget 896th
2012Kurtis SmithMidget 707th
2011Brett HolmesMidget 628th
2010Lucas SchevikhovenMidget 523rd
2009Jacob GrossMidget 608th
2009Maximillian HillMidget 841st
2009George BessetteMidget 951st
2009Jared SmithMidget 1082nd
2008Alex RodriguezMidget 728th
2007Nick KochMidget 646th
2007Noah DrabekMidget 688th
2007Levi SmithMidget 727th
2007Clayton MckimmyMidget 845th
2007Zac KellerMidget 1017th
2007Kavan MulloyMidget 1086th

Illinois Bantam State Championships

2023Colton PuentesBantam 841st
2022Lila CarsonBantam 521st
2022Colton PuentesBantam 745th
2020Grady GlowackiBantam 491st
2020Lila CarsonBantam 432nd
2020Joseph PerkinsBantam 582nd
2020Jaxon SullivanBantam 496th
2020Kenneth GerschBantam 556th
2019Grady GlowackiBantam 462nd
2019Johnny CarsonBantam 524th
2018Brody SmithBantam 466th
2018Cache PainterBantam 492nd
2018Kyle WickertBantam 522nd
2018Jacob SmithBantam 553rd
2018Hampton KingsfordBantam 1121st
2017Jacob SmithBantam 496th
2017Kyle WickertBantam 496th
2017Chase NobilingBantam 626th
2016Cache PainterBantam 372nd
2016Martin CohenBantam 704th
2014Colden DyerBantam 463rd
2014Luke BerktoldBantam 494th
2014Mike PoppBantam 581st
2014Anthony StreibBantam 665th
2014Caleb NobilingBantam 661st
2014Cameron LattimoreBantam 846th
2013Nathan LamBantam 495th
2013Caleb NobilingBantam 586th
2013Luke BerktoldBantam 435th
2013Caleb SlagoBantam 612nd
2012Nathan LamBantam 465th
2012Brenden FaheyBantam 493rd
2012Michael PoppBantam 496th
2012Nolan FloresBantam 494th
2011Brenden FaheyBantam 468th
2011Thomas ConnerBantam 491st
2011Nolan FloresBantam 497th
2011Nain VazquezBantam 525th
2011Isaiah LopezBantam 58C6th
2011Aiden TranBantam 618th
2011Kurtis SmithBantam 645th
2011Devin NobilingBantam 791st
2010Nolan FloresBantam 468th
2010Thomas ConnerBantam 467th
2010Nain VazquezBantam 496th
2010Branden GonkaBantam 556th
2010Kurtis SmithBantam 585th
2009Lucas SchevikhovenBantam 491st
2009Brett HolmesBantam 524th
2009Brandon MckimmyBantam 891st
2008Lucas SchevikhovenBantam 466th
2008Xavian GironaBantam 702nd
2008Brandon MckimmyBantam 795th
2007Jared SmithBantam 891st